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Everyday Heroes
Nancy Love in action. We've all heard the cliché a million times but there's something about the way Nancy Rivard says it, that it reverberates in your heart for days to come. Maybe it's because she actually walks the walk, or ... more  ]

Everyday Heroes 

Anu Girish -- 'ever-ready volunteer'
(nomination for 49ers NFL Community Award in Dec 2000)

Life can get quite hectic if you work at a start-up and have a 2-year daughter, but not for Anu Girish -- she is hip, always bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, and ready to help anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Anu volunteers about 20 hours every week to serve her community and is a tremendous role model to a generation of young working mothers. At CharityFocus, we build free websites for nonprofits but more importantly, we give volunteers a chance to increase the compassion in their hearts. As a project coordinator, Anu ensures that each team member has an experience of service they can grow from and value. With her lively humor and uncanny exuberance, she not only motivates volunteers but energizes any room that she's in.

Always ready to accept more and more responsibilities, Anu currently has the responsibility of coordinating over 15 projects, a task nothing short of a full-time job. Recently, we stopped assigning new projects to Anu, worried about over-extending her services. Two weeks later, as soon as Anu notices, she sends pumped-up emails about getting more projects! Whether we want to stuff folders or need a hand at organizing events or manage volunteer projects or anything else, we know that Anu will be the first in line.

The birth of her daughter was a monumental event in Anu's life, as she lived through a miracle in the making. "Kiran's Mom", as she likes to be referred to, is herself a miracle in the making and we nominate her just for that.

In the spirit of service,

-- CharityFocus coordinators

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