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ACT is a non-profit corporation, holding a 501(c)(3) status, providing mental health services to the city of Santa Clara County. Currently, our programs consist of three components:
  • Downtown Counseling Center: Low cost counseling services for parents and children reunifying after legal separation, for persons in emotional distress, also men's and women's support groups.
  • Fireside Friendship Club: Emotionally handicapped persons practicing self-help through socialization, music, art projects, etc.
  • Community Thrift Shop: Opportunity for marginally employed and homeless persons to practice and learn work skills; also a way to contribute to cost of therapy.

Started in 1956, with the formation of the Fireside Friendship Club, ACT has developed additional programs to provide vital professional services in the areas of social and mental health.

Since it's inception, ACT has received funding and support from City of San Jose, Santa Clara County, Packard Foundation, IBM, HP, Seagate, The Health Trust, Valley Foundation, and many others. ACT has licensed part-time staff and many professional and community volunteers.

ACT's counseling programs help low-income people who have multi faceted personal and situational problems. Most are not insured, do not have Medi-Cal and have limited funds to pay for out-patient psychotherapy.

To contact us, please email Janyce Holland or use this reference information:

441 Park Avenue.
San Jose, CA 95110
(408)287-7428 [Fax]
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