Aug 11, 2002

CharityFocus: Help-The-Homeless Plan

"When you do good work, doors keep opening." We will give a sincere 110% and let the outcomes take care of themselves. The joy is in the journey. Page below has info about the plan for the help the homeless project. Valeri, Mona, Manal, Guri, Vimi, Laura, Robin, and Yaniv are some of the folks helping coordinate this event. Please email questions to


  • Who?  Open to all. Since it's short notice, we need to let all our friends know.

  • Why?  Present another opportunity to give. Past experiences have been very inspiring for all.

  • When?  Sunday, August 11 2002 (10 a.m. to 3 pm)
    10 am: Meet at Woodshanti (unconfirmed)
    10 am-noon: Make sandwiches
    12-2: Share sandwiches/time
    2-3 pm: Meet back to do closing remarks

  • Where?  Starting point: 'woodshanti'
    Possible service areas in SF:
    1. civic center (10 volunteers)
    2. tenderloin ( 15+ volunteers)
    3. south of market btw 8th and 12th street (10 volunteers)
    4. 16th street and mission (10 volunteers)
    5. 24th street and mission (10 volunteers)
    6. pan handle area (5 volunteers)
    7. haight ashbury and eastern golden gate park (5 volunteers)
    8. Berkeley (People's Park) (6 volunteers?)

  • Reference: summary4, summary3, summary2, summary1
    We have done many times in the past, and each time there were between 30 and 50 people.

  • Shelters: SF and SJ shelters

Responsibility Owner Status
Buy Raw Materials Laura Saturday, Aug 10, 4PM, Costco (Sunnyvale; get directions)
Setup RSVP mechanism Nipun DONE
Publicize on CF site, email vols, craigslist, past folks All In Progress (sample posts)
Confirm location Nipun Need to ask Shanti or talk to Val
Make an informational handout Mona Have a nice quote with info about shelters, maps, etc.
Get maps and identify key areas Valeri Previous areas identified above
Setup carpool info Yaniv Not yet started
Cover the Costs Nipun No solicitation at all; folks can give online
Send out email reminder to RSVP's Nipun Thursday AM; request backpacks, directions, phone #s
Finalize D-Day Plan All Buy the material; photo copy the info; finalize the location; get RSVP count, etc.

Material required for 350 sandwiches:

For 350 lunches w/sandwich, cookie, drink, fruit:

	Bread Roll      350
        Cheese          500 (~1.5 slice/sandwich) (??)
        Tomatoes        87.5  (3 sandwiches/tomato)
        Lettuce         15
        Pickles         1   (big jar)
        Mayo            1.5 (big jars)
        Mustard         3.5
        Cumbers         25
        Onions          20
        Salt            3
        Pepper          3

	Fruit		350 (banana/other)
        Cookies         350   
        Soda/Water      350             
        Brown Bags      350 (medium)
        Wrapping Paper  200 Subway Sheets
        Saran Wrap      ??
        Paper Napkins   350             

        Cutting Knifes  10      Each    30
        Cutting Boards  5       Each    15
        Containers      2       Each    6   (large)
        Butter Knifes   30      Manal   30
        Plastic Bags    ??
        Tarp		1-5

        Maps            15 (different maps, specifying area)
        Shelter List    50 (some inspirational quote)


If you have any questions, please email