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Orientation Meeting
July 13, 2:00-4:00PM
Palo Alto, CA

BayArea Volunteers!

On July 13th (2PM-4PM), we are having an orientation meeting to learn about CharityFocus processes, brainstorm ideas on helping our communities, and essentially, share time in the spirit of service. Please RSVP, using the form on your right, and you'll be emailed more information. If there are any problems, email

New and old volunteers are all welcome! The meeting will be a great opportunity to build on our synergy and to interact with like-minded local volunteers and everyday heroes. From our past experience, such meetings have proven to be a very inspiring way of coming together and we'd highly recommend that you try to make it! Not that you need any extra incentive :), but we also hope to have some be-the-change t-shirts handy.

From launching a new website, to making a bit of dot-com history by taking over PledgePage to many new and exciting projects, CharityFocus has been doing lots of things. And given that we're all volunteers, it is YOU who's making it happen. Come meet the inspirations around you -- and boy, they are way more livelier than they are via email. ;)

More About The Meeting

To share perspectives on service, learn about some of our procedures and tools, and think of innovative ways for "helping others help others", we are having an orientation meeting on Saturday, July 13th from 2PM-4PM.

The format for this meeting will be:

  • Introduction to CharityFocus -- its intent and vision
  • Break out into small groups of 5 volunteers
  • Exchange introductions by answering two questions:
    • What makes you come alive?
    • What is the change you'd like to see in the world?
    • How do you wish to BE that change?
  • CharityFocus processes and How you can Participate
  • Question and Answer, Open Mic
  • Further brainstorming for those that wish to stay

Once you RSVP above, you will be sent further details on location and carpooling. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for being a partner in service.

In the spirit of service,

-- Volunteer Coordinators

More questions? Email