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Dear all,

Mother Teresa once said, "We can do no great acts; just small acts with great love." Yesterday was just that. Thank you for coming and making the sandwich drive possible. It was an amazing show of what can happen when good hearted inspirations come together! I was particularly moved by the insights and experiences that people shared after the sandwich distribution.

Starting the day in a woodshop labeled 'woodshanti', it was quite a sight to see over 50 people (including a 4 year old and her parents) work together with newly made friends and crank out 350 lunches in just an hour. Nothing was rehearsed, not much was planned but there was synergy and it all just worked, as usual. After splitting up into teams of 3 and sharing lunches on the streets (in the rain!), we came back to share stories with each other.

Yaniv shared his team's experience with Miguel, a homeless heroin-addict who ended up joining them in giving sandwiches; King was visibly moved in wondering how we were blessed enough to be in the giver's position; Melissa noticed the cars on the street and thought about where everyone is really going. Mona enjoyed the walk in the park, someone :) moved the happy-meter on a homeless guy's hat to 'max', and Pete took his team on a thrill-ride. Mala shared insights about confronting her fears in meeting a jolly man she had previously been intimidated by, Krupa talked about the thick line between love and judgement, Shanti wondered what would happen if doing this was our full-time job? The list goes on. It was truly remarkable to hear everyone speak with such heart.

We normally notice the big buildings and ignore the homeless; yesterday we noticed the homeless and ignored the big buildings. Surely, we didn't solve the problems of those on the streets, but we took one step forward in deepening our connection with the landscape of life that surrounds us. Sandwiches were simply an excuse to spend the day in trying to put smiles on other people's faces. Perhaps that happened, perhaps it didn't ... but one thing is for sure -- we smiled. I, for one, am still smiling.

In the spirit of service,

-- HTH Coordinators
(valeri, mona, vimi, laura, maria, nipun ...)

P.S. Perhaps the most touching gesture was a $20 donation sent in by the grandmother of a volunteer who partcipated. "I am unable to walk with you guys, but my heart is with you", she said.