SF Event Archive 

November, 2000

Rain or shine, the plan was to help the homeless. Well, it poured but we stuck to our plan! Everyone knew that it'd be tough to put on our rain coats, manage our umbrellas, face the high winds, and walk the streets in wet attire, but over 30 of us still did it. In about an hour, we made about 250 lunches with a "veggies-n-cheese" sandwich, a fruit, and a drink. We split up into teams after quick introductions and headed for San Francisco.

In a unique way, experiencing slight discomforts made us more aware of the luxuries of a shelter that we had become so accustomed to. On the streets, we found the homeless people under the bridges, overpasses, and just about any covered area. In giving them some food and being a listening ear, we tried to inspire them and raise their spirits.

After we gave out the sandwiches, we gathered once again, to share our experiences. All participants had stories to tell and ideas to share about the homelessness surrounding us. We thought of ways to take our charity to the next level and we are currently researching lot of those new ideas. We'll keep you posted.

Regardless of the outcome, in the end, everyone did their best to be instruments of peace, hope, and compassion. And that's something worthwhile.

Donation Club Officers.