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Last month, Guri and I were invited to Alliance for New Humanity conference. In the company of all kinds of famous folks -- three Nobel Peace Laureates -- I felt honored to be on two "dialogos" with folks like Lynne Twist and Andrew Harvey and doubly honored to have a workshop slot.

My talk was titled "invisible revolution of the Inner-Net" and the first paragraph of the description read like this:

Wikipedia didn't write the world's ... largest encyclopedia; YouTube didn't create videos that get 100 million views a day; Flickr didn't take the photos that are posted every second; MySpace didn't create the content that attracts the masses. And just so, the Gandhis, Mother Teresas and Martin Luther Kings of the next generation will not simply publish a newspaper, write letters or give talks. Instead, the next revolution will be led by a distributed network of invisible heroes who create spaces for meaningful, many-to-many connections to manifest organically.

The presentation got a standing ovation and some people were so moved that they bullied the conference organizers (it was a funny sight!) to have me redo another one during one of the break hours! And then, all service madness broke loose. :)

The slides (which unfortunately, aren't too descriptive!) and reference articles are listed below:

Referenced Resources

  • Charity Begins @ Home: one of the first major stories on the start of CharityFocus.
  • Wikipedia: volunteer-run, online (and world's largest) encylopedia.
  • SETI @ Home: SETI project; world's largest computing power, completely distributed in the home of everyday folks.
  • Open Source Everywhere: old article on the how the open-source movement started and how it's spreading to everything.
  • Innocentive: a company that takes research and development requests from big companies and 'crowd sources' it.
  • Netflix Million Dollar Prize: million bucks to anyone who beats their search algorithms. Took a week to beat it.
  • Current TV: Al Gore backed TV channel, 30% of programming is viewer generated.
  • iStockPhoto: users post their photos online, viewer can buy for a buck.
  • digg.com: users sumit stories, other users vote on best stories, and best ones trickle to the home page.
  • Fluevog 'open-source' Shoes: users submit their designs, designer shoe-company makes them.
  • Threadless Tees: hipster tee-shirts. Company aims to do $20MM in business this year.
  • 49,00 Grandmas: a graduate student discovers a way to distribute 3.5MM vitamin A tablet to Nepali children.
  • Long Tail: book by Chris Andersen that describes the phenomena in detail. (Also see first article by Chris that coined the word and talked about the rise of 'Touching to Void' book.
  • Crowd Sourcing: Wired magazine article on crowd sourcing.
  • Power of Many: an outdated book on how many people loosely connected are postively changing our world.
  • Push Comes to Pull: an excellent 50-page paper on the new paradigm, from the Aspen Institute.
  • StarFish and the Spider: just released book about the power of distributed networks.
  • Yahoo Answers: people ask, people answer, Yahoo wins. :) A paid version at Google Answers shut down.
  • Pret Manger: cafe that publishes their recipes online.
  • MIT Open Course Ware: every course lecture video, handout, solutions, exams, is available online for free.
  • Flipping the Funnel: Seth Godin's eBook on how to empower your fans to speak up. Also see his latest book on why small is the new big.
  • Small Pieces Loosely Joined: an older but insightful book by David Weinberger about the nature of the web.
  • Free Hugs: how a teen band from Australia became famous without any distributors.
  • Continuous Partial Attention: VP at Microsoft coins a word after a presentation, quits to become a librarian.
  • Spirit of Service: the first talk I gave, at 23, on finding my values.

Referenced CharityFocus Projects

  • CharityFocus: the mothership. :) The link takes you to a one-pager overview of CF programs. See also recent Tigers Update on the blog.
  • DailyGood: quote, paragraph of a good-news story, and a small be-the-change action item. Sent to 42,000 folks everyday.
  • Smile Cards: kindness portal, with ideas, stories and the infamous smile cards!
  • KarmaTube: a project to leverage video for social change; including 'Free Hugs', 'Strongest Dad in the World' and 'Beyond the Call'.

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