Thirty For 30th

30 Acts of Kindness to Ring in the Big 30!


    I donated to the Seva Organization, which will help restore eyesight to a blind person. I

    took the birthday girl out for dinner and a flamenco show at a local restaurant.


I wrote a letter to my friend in NY today telling him how much I love and appreciate him. He's had a rough go of things lately so I wanted to cheer him up. I think tomorrow I'm gonna pay for the person's coffee behind me in line.


Taco Bell and I have a unique relationship. I try to avoid fast food, but make exceptions for Taco Bell, every now and then. :) While picking up some food through Drive-Thru yesterday, I tagged the car behind by paying for their meal and leaving a Smile Card. :)


Today at the GAP they were having some super sale which resulted in a 15 minute wait to pay. There was a 6 month pregnant lady behind me in the line up. I gave her my spot in the line up so she wouldn't have to wait so long because frankly she looked pretty tired.


I randomly gifted a whole bouquet of flowers to a couple at a local restaurant.


While shopping for my son, I also purchased some toys for my co-workers. kids.


First of all, happy birthday, Trush! On Friday I went to a supermarket that participated in the food collection campaign for the NGO called Bank of Food. Last year in Catalonia there were 500k people in poverty situation; this year it's well above 800k due to global crisis.

I met my friend and some other guys from the Scouts group I used to belong to, set it all up and started picking up basic stuff like rice, legumes, pasta, milk or oil. We stood at the door of the shop and informed everyone coming in that we were carrying on this campaign and that if they wanted to collaborate they only had to buy any of those things and give them to us after checkout. One of us stood after the cashier line, took the food from people who had agreed to participate, and put it in a huge box.

I was glad to see that many people participated, probably 70-80%, some of them buying 3 or 4 different things for us. When I left after 3.5hrs we had 60%+ of the box full, and it seems that from 7 to 9pm (rush hour here) they managed to fill it up for good :D

It was a great way of contributing my time and helping those who need it not far from me.


I just saw you in a video talking about your 30th birthday. Have no idea how long it took for this video to spread in order to get to me. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and say that it was such a great idea what you did.

I hope lots of people have been nice to others.

Rick (

Wonderful to see and hear you and be inspired by you. I'll pass this on. Just think how great it will be when you're 100! (or 1000)

Thank you for the great idea, presented with grace.

Bella (

This month I hosted a pre-birthday party (my birthday is not until December) in celebration of life to say thank you for being my friends and family. I am also donating time to help for the Annual AIDS Day dinner and other events.

Ana (

Just to let you know that I have done my RAOK, to an admin officer at my daughter.s school, who is not exactly the kindest person on earth but I noticed that in the last year ( known her for 5 years) she smiles a lot more and it seems that she is changing her attitude towards parents, there was a time that she was extremely cold and almost unhelpful. So I offered her a book with a note saying .keep on smiling. I hope she does.

Make Someone Smile (

Happy 30th!

Yesterday at lunch I went to a department store called Target. I decided in honor of your birthday I would smile and say hello to 30 different strangers I would run across.

It went great! It was amazing to see the change in their expression as I smiled warmly and greeted them. All smiled back and two ladies were quite talkative too!

It was a fun way for me to spread smiles, inspired by your birthday post. I hope your birthday was great and I very much enjoyed spreading the kindness ripple with these 30 strangers yesterday!

ServeOthers (

You are wonderful person with a great smile. I will be in search for an opportunity to contribute to your thirty for 30th cause.

Wish a Happy Birthday. I hope your wish comes true.

RandomDude (

First off, Happy Birthday! And what a cool way to leverage technology. :)

To support your effort, I paid bridge toll for 3 cars after mine and left some Smile Cards with the attendant. :)

Mims (

Happy Birthday! What an inspiration you are!

I fetched my friends daughter from Brownies, gave her supper and cared for her, till late as her Mum was working late. In life, it is all about giving!

SilentDoGooder (

Excellent way to dedicate your birthday in spreading invisible smiles. :)

Here's my two cents. Last week, I took a friend sight-seeing around San Francisco. On our way home, we had an opportunity to be kind to a stranger. At a stoplight on Van Ness Ave, a young man was holding a sign that said, "Thanks for a big smile!" immediately, I rolled down my window and started having a conversation. Instead, of holding a "spare some change" or a sign for food, this man just wanted to spread some smiles at a spotlight. Without contemplating, I grab some oranges from the back of my car and share them with this anonymous stranger. What a blessing it is to share. :)

Katy (

Happy Birthday to you and anyone else who has a birthday today. I took my friend out for a really nice dinner tonite and I treated. It was very nice!

Nisha (

How fun. I played your video to strangers on the London tube. Its so much fun to have a conversation with someone and see how they are.

Julieoolums (

My husband and I gave a small quote calendar to a technician who was checking my laptop for problems. There was no cost for his service but we still wanted to say thanks for his help with a little gift. He said we made his day and that he would treasure it. Hope u reached more than your 30 giving deeds. Happy birthday and keep it up!

Igne (

My granddaughter just had her 5th brithday party and she invited all 22 classmates. She asked for no presents but wanted everyone to bring gloves, mittens, knitted hats and neck wraps for the homeless which everyone did. We had over a hundred pairs of hats and gloves plus 30 neck wraps for all ages. Young as my granddaughter is but she has always been very giving.

Karin (

What a beautiful idea! I hope you receive your kindness back 30 fold! My first thought is to do one act of kindness for 30 days in honor of your wish. Enjoy your birthday!

Trushna :)

Tagged various cars with Gerber daisies and a Smile Card at my local Trader Joes parking lot. I also brought fleece material to make blankets for the homeless. And finally, I wrote a letter offering forgiveness and sent it off into the universe by mailing it to a random unknown address. Who knows maybe this will create some ripples.