September 2000

As one thing leads to another, founder of CharityFocus, Nipun Mehta was invited on CNN's Q/A show to take live questions from a worldwide audience for the entire half hour! It was certainly a special opportunity to represent CharityFocus to millions of international viewers; the past guests on the show have included Queen Noor of Jordan, First Lady Hillary Clinton, author Tom Clancy, Gold Medalist Michael Johnson, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Watch it Online! [requires REAL player]

For more, read Nipun's thoughts on the CNN Experience. Following the interview, we had a deluge of emails from people all around the world! Here are some of the comments ...

"Most of all I was warmed to see the natural confidence and simplicity with which you expressed the importance of inner change. Wishing you ever more strength, light and peace."   -- Rajni B.  Delhi, India

"I am a complete stranger to you but in a moment of boredom I happened to switch on the telly to Riz Khan's Q&A last night and couldn't help but be deeply moved and impressed by what i saw and heard. Let me apologize at the outset for this intrusion of your private space - but I feel compelled to pen my thoughts and share them with you nonetheless. Apart from your deep sense of compassion and infectious enthusiasm, your message is a powerful one."   -- Nikhil D.  Netherlands

"I'm a 15 year old girl living in the Middle East. I don't know how exactly I can help, but I am good at Art& Design, and am able to speak in Persian, Arabic, French and English ... just thought I could help."   -- Naseem F.  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"I saw your TV interview at the CNN last week and was instantly aroused to have contact with you if ever i could learn from your work so that i can healp my people in the Philippines or anywhere else "wake up".    -- Genefel B.  Vienna, Austria

"I'm impressed ... with the actual thought process that lead to this!"   -- Gyanesh C.  London

"First of all let me tell you how proud we Indians are all to have such a gem of a person like you and coming live on CNN. It was a great moment for every Indian and I felt so proud the day when I saw you. You seem to be so down to earth and I am very sure that all these silent qualities will surely see you at the top. I am a very religious person and I shall pray to God to give you long life for you to achieve more and more and be with you in every endeavour of yours."   -- Saiprasad   Chennai, India

"It is with great interest that I watched your interview with Riz Khan the other night. I quickly went to your website and was even more impressed by your commitment to sharing your time, energy and expertise with those who wish to improve the quality of life on this Planet."   -- Tore V.B.  Nairobi, Kenya

"Although I've always been interested in doing charity but after listening to Nipun Mehta on CNN i was real inspired to contribute."   -- Praveen K.  India